Industrial Engineering and Management Education in Scandinavia


Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) is one of the largest and most popular fields in Scandinavian engineering education. Today, all major engineering faculties in Scandinavia offers IEM programs. The field attracts goods students and engineers educated in IEM are highly attractive both for the industry and the public sector – their interdisciplinary competences match well what is needed today in a time of industrial transformation and societal challenges. The variety of topics covered within IEM has nurtured a variety of interdisciplinary programs covering management, innovation, operations, and technology. 

Today there are a number of programs within IEM at Bachelor level and Master level, as well as  five-year degree programs.
This webpage provides an overview of current existing programs and allows to sort among programs depending on country, level of the program, focus, etc.


IEM Programs in Scandinavia


There are 89 IEM programs in Scandinavia offered by 25 universities members of ScAIEM.

The IEM programs can be divided into four categories:  (1) IEM general, (2) Operations and Supply Chain Management, (3) Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and (4) Others. Approximately 50% of the programs are IEM general.


25 IEM Universities

Iceland 1, Finland 5, Denmark 3, Norway 3, Sweden 13.

89 IEM Programs

Five-Year Degree Programs 14, 3+2 Year Programs 13, Master's Programs 36, BSc Programs 26.


Interactive Map

The map can be used by clicking on the play button and an interactive interface allows to select universities, either directly from the points on the map, by using the country categorisation on the left side, or by using the search function.

Each university consists of a direct link to the university website, and a description with all the programs that are part of IEM.